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Get Support You Need With These 6 Postpartum Doulas in Austin

It’s no secret that the postpartum period can be more than a little stressful. Your body is recovering from a pretty intensive experience, and even walking around the house can feel like a huge achievement. At the same time, you are constantly working to understand your newborn’s cues so you can give them the care they need. And you’re doing all this on next-to-no sleep. If you could use a little help, you may want to consider hiring a postpartum doula. Not only will they be there to provide you with emotional support, but they can also give you hands-on assistance so you can feel your best. Here are some agencies where you can find postpartum doulas in Austin.

Transition Into Parenthood With Ease Thanks To These Postpartum Doulas In Austin 

Austin Doula Care

8500 Shoal Creek Blvd Building 4, Austin, Texas 78757

Austin Doula Care is a practice operated by two of the best postpartum doulas around! Kim and Chelsea are passionate about normalizing the birth process. They both offer postpartum support and can educate you, help you out with older siblings, teach you what to look out for with mood disorders, and give you some serious sleep support. 

ATX Doulas

ATX Doulas is here to make sure you feel equipped for every part of early postpartum and parenthood in Austin. They offer educational courses that will teach you everything you need to know about delivery and newborn life. Their postpartum doulas will help build your confidence while giving you the resources and care you need. 

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Austin Birth Company

2111 Dickson Drive, Suite 20, Austin, Texas 78704

Austin Birth Company offers postpartum doulas and compassionate care around the greater Austin area. You can start out your postpartum care before your baby is even born by booking a virtual prenatal visit where you can meet your doula. You will tell them about your family and your home, and they’ll go on call so they can help you from the get-go. 

Brenda The Doula

Brenda Marlin started working as a doula in 2003 after experiencing the life-changing support that came from having a group of women surrounding her after her birth. She offers judgment-free care that will empower you through every stage of motherhood. She offers inclusive help with newborn and sibling care, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding assistance, and light housekeeping. 

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BeLoved Doula & Postpartum Care

BeLoved Doula & Postpartum Care is a doula practice started by Peggy Garcia, a mom of 5 little ones. Her goal is to work with families all across Austin to give them the birth experience that’s right for them. Following your birth, you can book regular home visits where she can give you practical advice, help you around the house, or watch your baby so you can get some much-needed rest. 

Austin Baby Guru

2900 West Anderson Ln. C-200/146, Austin, Texas 78757

At Austin Baby Guru, they are dedicated to providing your family with uninterrupted care. They only take a limited amount of clients, and they will not be on call for birth clients while they provide you with postpartum care. They offer sleep training and consultations as well as non-judgmental advice and support. 

You Will Thanks Yourself After Finding Help From These Incredible Postpartum Doulas In Austin

With these Austin postpartum doulas, you will have the care you need to get through the newborn stage. Check them out today so you can find the right person for you. 

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