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The Ultimate Guide to 4 Top Rated Austin Birth Centers

Women have been giving birth since literally the dawn of our species, and for millenia, childbirth was viewed as a natural, normal process. While hospital births offer a variety of important perks, especially for those with high-risk pregnancies, birth centers are becoming more and more popular for holistic, midwife-led deliveries. Here in Austin, we have several birth centers that are well-equipped to help families navigate the excitement of welcoming a new baby. Check out these awesome Austin birth centers!

Avoid The Hospital For Your Birth With These 4 Fantastic Austin Birth Centers 

Austin Area Birthing Center

4100 Duval Road Bldg. 2, Ste. 101 Austin, TX 78759 

2500 West William Cannon Drive Ste. 503 Austin, TX

Austin Area Birthing Center, or Austin ABC, is a midwife-led and client-focused organization that has been helping bring babies into the world for over 35 years. In fact, they were one of the first accredited birthing centers in Central Texas! Each of their two locations is home to a team of Nurse-Midwives and Certified Professional Midwives who provide holistic, evidence-based care to childbearing families. Prepare for giving birth with one of their prenatal classes, designed to help you gain confidence in your ability to navigate your own unique birth story! The Austin ABC also has spacious tubs in every room that can be used for labor, as well as for water births. 

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Beautiful Beginning Birth Center

12885 Research Blvd, Suite 202, Austin, TX 78750

Beautiful Beginning Birth Center is operated by Professionally Licensed Midwife Emma Morrison-Faris, who has delivered over 1500 babies since 2004. Under her watchful care, families can experience a gentle, natural birth either in the comfort of their homes or in one of the Beautiful Beginning Birthing Center suites. Each suite includes a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a birthing room with a large birthing tub, a fireplace, and a sitting area. Families may become involved throughout prenatal care, as well as your labor and delivery. Wherever you decide to deliver, Beautiful Beginning is all about having a positive, empowering start to motherhood with your new little one.

Birthwise Birth

Birthwise began back in 1999 as a solo home birth practice and quickly grew into Austin’s premier birth center. Located in the heart of downtown Austin, it is a charming facility with elegantly decorated birthing suites and spacious birthing tubs. Licensed Midwife and Certified Professional Midwife Brielle Epstein believes in the power of building a relationship with your healthcare providers and sets aside substantial time for every appointment to assess your needs and provide emotional and informational support. By doing so, she is better able to support your birth experience on an intimate level that allows you to emerge with the power and wisdom to transition into parenthood. 

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Lotus Community Birthing Center 

10601 Pecan Park Boulevard, Bldg 302, Rm A3, Austin, TX 78750

Lotus Community Birthing Center offers a home-like environment nestled into a serene wooded area. You will love their three beautifully decorated birthing suites with calming, neutral colors. Two have half-baths, and one has a walk-in shower and an inflatable tub to use throughout labor and for water births. A quiet outdoor space is the perfect retreat to get a little fresh air and move around. Birthing moms can also take advantage of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to feel a little more comfortable throughout labor. Led by midwife Jennifer Timbs, Lotus Community Birthing Center is a part of Austin Better Birth Midwifery Services.

I Hope You Found One Of These Austin Birth Centers As A Place You Would Enjoy Giving Birth

These Austin birth centers offer safe, comfortable alternatives to hospital and home births for families with a more holistic birth plan. All of these birth centers welcome tours so you can see the facilities for yourself and decide if it’s the right space for you to welcome your baby into the world. You’ve got this, mama, and you can be in charge of your own birth story! 

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