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Expert Guidance for Pregnancy and Delivery with 4 Austin Doulas

Sometimes in life, you could really use a professional companion. Maybe you need a personal trainer to help you conquer the gym floor, or perhaps you could use a counselor to help you sort through complicated feelings. Throughout your pregnancy, you go through a lot of transformations, and it helps to have someone there to support you. If you could use some guidance for your pregnancy and delivery, I would love to tell you about the best Austin doulas. With these experts, you can have the guidance you need to make the best decisions. 

Find Your Dream Birth Support Team With These Wonderful Austin Doulas 

Doulas of Austin

Doulas of Austin is a group of professionals committed to loving all kinds of new families. The center offers both birth and postpartum doulas, as well as virtual nurse consultations and placenta encapsulation. With their birth support, you will get unlimited phone and text support with a dedicated doula throughout your entire pregnancy. They will guide you through preparation for your birth preference and be your advocate throughout delivery. 

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ATX Doulas

ATX Doulas provides you with a team of trained Austin doulas to guide you through making decisions that honor your body. They give you access to a diverse crew of doulas who will consistently give you evidence-based information. They do not have a limit on how many families they will help a month, which means you can hire them at any point throughout your pregnancy without fear of getting turned away. You can come to them for childbirth classes, support groups, and birth and postpartum doulas. 

Austin Doula Care

Austin Doula Care makes it a breeze to pick out your perfect companion. You can head over to their website and see all their associate doulas based in Austin. Their comprehensive bios are on their page, so you can find the one you would resonate with the most. From there, you will complete a form and request a meeting with as many doulas as you’d like. You’ll find birth and postpartum doulas as well as lactation consultations, sibling doula care, car seat education, and placenta encapsulation. 

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Tracy Donegan

While Tracy Donegan has years of experience as a doula, you might know her better for her creation of the GentleBirth app. This app has transformed the experience for countless parents as they prepare for their delivery. You can book Tracy directly, where you’ll get 2 home prenatal visits and 1 postpartum home visit. You will get unlimited support and access to birth tools. Plus, she will be there to advocate for you throughout your birth.  

You Will Love The Support And Compassion From These Wonderful Austin Doulas

By hiring a doula, you will have a friend to help you through your pregnancy and labor. Check out these Austin doulas today so you can find the support you need. 

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