Studio photo of a dancer wearing a tulle dress and looking happy white posing for Austin photographer

When an Austin Photographer and a Dancer Meet

Being a photographer in Austin is an opportunity to meet so many artists and creatives. I had the pleasure of working with an incredibly talented dancer whose story truly captivated me.

This is an interview with Jennifer, an outstanding encounter between an Austin photographer and a dancer.


Dancer is throwing her tulle dress in a photo in black and white in an artistic way

Austin Photographer: A Client’s Journey Behind the Lens


My main goal was to reconnect with the woman that I had lost within because of some personal experiences that I had endured in my adult life. I am a dancer so the most natural way for me to express myself is through movement. I had been out of dance for quite some time, and I wanted to gift myself with a photoshoot that represented me coming back out into the world and expanding my wings like a butterfly. When I was looking for an Austin photographer to work with, I found Ingrid and I knew I had found what I was looking for.
beautiful portrait of a dancer wearing only a black tulle skirt by Austin photographer

The entire process. I loved combining my creative process in movement with Ingrid’s creative process as a photographer. Her passion for what she does behind the lens only enhanced my inner drive to bring out what I wanted the camera to capture in movement. This process really helped me understand myself on a deeper level. It’s much more than just moving in front of a camera, it’s about cultivating pure expression from within while working with the camera and understanding what the camera sees. There’s an energy in it, and it becomes much bigger than the room. It’s magic.

Blonde woman is laughing in a relaxed pose for her photoshoot with a black dress and black backdrop



My most surprising challenge was facing the insecurities that surfaced within myself as we began the session. Ingrid has expressed to me that she had wanted to photograph a dancer, and knowing this, I felt internal pressure from myself because I didn’t want to disappoint her. I had a hamstring injury at the time, which only deepened my insecurity. However, after we began to work, those insecurities disappeared as I was whisked away into her creative realm. There were a few moments when I felt vulnerable and some old negative stories that I had always carried about myself came to my mind, but the more I moved, the quieter those stories were and before I knew it, I felt that I was embodying the woman within that I wanted to reconnect with.

Studio photo of a dancer wearing a tulle dress and looking happy white posing for Austin photographer


Our creative process began way before the session through many conversations. It was a dream from the moment I stepped into her studio. The atmosphere was light and full of beautiful things. The energy was magnetic and positive. I felt like I was on a blissful creative ride with my only purpose being to express myself in any way that I desired. My adrenaline had been so charged for hours during our photoshoot that it took me two days to recover. I was so proud of myself for doing that, telling my inner story through movement, and I knew that I had found the perfect person to capture it. When Ingrid showed me the photos, I cried. I had never seen myself that way before. I saw the truth. We are all beautiful just the way we are, and Ingrid knows just how to enhance that inner and outer beauty.

Austin photographer captured romantic photo of a contemporary dancer while she was using white tulle in her movements


Absolutely. I feel that every woman needs to do this. It’s life changing. It’s time to look at ourselves through a better lens.


Jennifer’s¬†words resonated deeply with the essence of what it means to be a photographer. Her experience reflects the profound impact photography can have. Her story is a reminder of my privilege of capturing the beauty and authenticity of each unique individual.

If you’re looking to capture stunning images while enjoying a truly unique experience, I’d love to meet you and create together!

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